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More Colour Options for the Double Yarn Perlon Straps

Late last year we introduced you to the first run of Double Yarn Perlon watch straps and they have been a popular choice ever since. Now as we approach warmer months, you’ll be glad to know that the colour range for these watch straps has increased. Our entire Perlon collection now stands at 26 different styles for you to chose from across three different types of Perlon strap. As well as these Double Yarn Perlon straps, we also have Melange and Standard Perlon straps.

Colourful Double Yarn Perlon Watch Straps

It is not just the three new colours that arrived this month, the Black, Blue and Dark Grey Double Yarn Perlon straps had 18mm & 22mm width options added to them making them compatible with more watches. Our three new colours are constructed using the exactly same material as our standard Perlon straps so they are colours you are more than familiar with.

Army Green Double Yarn Perlon Watch Strap

One of our most popular colours from the standard Perlon range is the Dark Blue which, as the name suggests, is a dark shade of blue, almost black even. Despite this, the very slight hint of blue makes it a good choice for many. Following the Dark Blue in to the Double Yarn Perlon range is our Light Grey and Army Green colours. Both incredibly popular in the standard Perlon format so they will no doubt be just as popular in the Double Yarn style.

Dark Blue Double Yarn Perlon Watch Strap

When we introduced you to our first batch back in October last year, we spoke a bit about the buckle we have decided to use for this range. This new and improved buckle comes as standard on the full range of Double Yarn Perlon straps and is now also available to buy on its own. The new style buckle is an improvement on the buckle from our Standard and Melange styles and one we hope to roll out across the entire range in the future.

Improved Perlon Strap Buckle

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